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The time is now!

So I have been speaking to folks about blogging for the last several months and today I have decided to stop procrastinating and just do it. Sorry Nike! I must say if it were not for one of my esteemed partners giving me a nudge…okay a push… when he said to me “go ahead and start your blog and don’t speak to me a month from now about blogs, do it already!”

Well with all this encouragement, I have decided that the nearly 30 years of experiences in the food business can leave one with many stories to share. Now while I do enjoy storytelling, I promise to keep my posts as concise and as to the point as possible. Well most of the time anyways.

So the focus of  my blog will indeed be Food Service from my own unique perspective as someone who has spent many years as a client (Owner Liaison) as well as an operator. This perspective will cut across a broad spectrum of industries from banking to health-care and from pharmaceutical to high tech. From New York to Seattle and from Paris to Rome…oh let me not forget Puerto Rico, mi Isla Bonita!

As I share my stories, tips and comments in the months ahead, I hope that you are inspired to lead your teams, delight your customers, beat your budgets, and score only high 90’s on your health inspections.

The FoodLiaison411 has arrived. Keep an eye out and let me hear from you!

The time is now! I’m doing it!

Anthony Morro, Principal


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