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Good Wishes in 2010

First, I want to wish all my friends, clients, and colleagues a happy and prosperous 2010.  May the new year bring you all more customers, increased sales, and improved profitability. Oh, and of course, may 2010 also bring you nothing but high scores from the local health department and zero critical violations! (You know I had to get that in some where.)

How can you make all these good wishes come true these next 12 months?

For many operators (and clients too), January is a good time to revisit some policies and practices that may have become “lost” in the heat of the daily battle.  A good place to start is with your staff and the existing training programs. Are they still effective? Do they still enable your team to deliver the quality service you expect and your clientele demand?

Keep in mind that the most effective training programs offer varied delivery methods that tap into diverse learning styles.  Some staff members are most comfortable in one on one or small groups, while others will appreciate visual aids, signs, or even written notes. The key is to take advantage of the various communication tools available to share and reinforce information.

Also, training does not always have to happen in a formal session. It can occur any time; in a staff meeting, a production meeting, or even at pre – service discussion. As always, remember to get your teams involved and make the training as interactive as possible. Keep it lively and have some fun.

Now I will leave you with the most important training secret of all. This goes for the client liaisons out there as well. Are you ready? Here it goes…

Everyday, and I mean everyday, catch at least one member of your team doing something right – then let them know and thank them for it.

Again, Happy New Year and stay warm.


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