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More about Anthony Morro, MBA, FMP

We listen to our clients and help them meet their goals.

Anthony is Principal of Food Industry Solutions, LLC (FIS), a consulting organization that helps clients achieve success in areas such as food safety, operational efficiency/profitability, business development, and vendor management.  Current projects include operational reviews, retail flow optimization, market research, bid analysis, food safety audits, and management presentations.

With extensive experience in food service management and related services, Anthony helps his clients solve all types of challenges with focused diagnostics, analysis, and strategic thinking.

As a nationally certified food management professional (FMP) with both ServSafe and NEHA instructor credentials, he brings to his clients a unique blend of executive level insight at the 50,000 ft. level along with an ability to provide solutions to operating teams at the 5000 ft. level.

Prior to FIS,  Anthony held  food service executive  positions in Commercial Banking, Pharmaceutical, and the Computer Software industries. Organizations he has worked for include Bristol Myers Squibb, Microsoft, and Compass Group.

Anthony maintains active memberships in the Society for Food Service Management, where he served 2 terms as board director, as well as the National Environmental Health Association. He can be reached at 425.293.1337 or via e mail at



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